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Spain's economy grows despite having no government.

[4:37 PM, 5/16/2019] devarghmukherjee: Already! [7:10 PM, 5/16/2019] devarghmukherjee: The ongoing trade spat between US and China has just escalated, in a dramatic move US President Donald Trump has raised tariffs to 25 per cent on $200 billion of Chinese imports and is threatening to tax an additional $300 billion in the coming months. This trade spat initially started when US President Donald Trump demanded that China to adopt certain rules into law to protect American companies that do business in China. The escalation is going to hurt both sides, Americans are already facing higher prices for a wide range of goods, and certain American manufacturers will face less demand for their products. American farmers are also suffering from low Chinese demand for soybeans and other grains. The Chinese manufacturing sector is hurting as well and is likely to go in a spiral downfall if

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